Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Upcycle Your Valentine's

So I am sure most of you are really getting tired of winter. Especially if you have been in the cold part of the country. I for one am not having a bad winter at all since this is the first winter since we left Alaska and this winter is a piece of cake. LOL! :)

I know it is only January, but let's start concentrating on some springtime. First thing to think of is Valentine's Day. So let's look at some upcycled items from Etsy that have been made into hearts. 

We will start with this rustic red heart from RusticRevelations that they made from a wooden pallet. Turned out really nice. 

Now it may still be pretty chilly for some of you and you still need those mittens to keep your hands warm so why not use these mittens from SullysSofties that were made from old sweaters. 

This is different. How about a heart necklace made from an old bicycle chain. Pretty neat. This one is from Upcycling4ACause.

Upcycling Mason jars is really popular these days and there are so many different types to make. How about these Valentine's Day jars from MontanaSnow? Looks like that is fairly easy to do. 

These are a few ideas of upcycling items to hearts for your Valentine's Day. Gives us a few ideas of how to make some items doesn't it. 

Have fun!

Colleen :)