Saturday, May 29, 2010

Selling Online

You've probably seen that Bette and I both talk about selling on and While those two websites are probably the most popular selling venues for handmades right now, they're not the only ones.

I ran across this awesome list of 84 places to sell your crafts online.
What a great resource! Some of them are even FREE.

If you have the time to list your things on several websites, it certainly wouldn't hurt to try it, especially if it's FREE to add your listings. The more you get your name out there, the better.

A few tips for selling handmades.

1. Keep yourself branded by using the same logo design on all sites.

2. If you have a full website and can link to it from the other selling venue, do it. Just make sure it's allowed.

3. List items frequently. No one wants to visit a shop they visited 2 months ago and see the same things. Keep things fresh and current.

4. Keep your prices and shipping priced fairly, but don't sell yourself short. Your items have worth so make sure you get what you deserve without being over priced.

5. Use great photos. Blurry, dark and out of focus photos are unappealing. If they can't see how great your stuff is, they won't want to buy it. Use several pictures from various angles.

6. Use clear and concise descriptions. Explain exactly what it is they'll receive if they buy your item. Tell them when and how it will be shipped. You have to explain IT ALL.

7. Watch for trends that are selling. If you're making pink polka dot hand knit socks because YOU like them, it doesn't mean they'll sell. Make what the consumer likes.

8. Be prompt in answering questions about your items. If the buyer is ready to buy, they'll want the info quickly.

9. Be patient (my biggest obstacle). It takes a while to get noticed.

10. Promote yourself without going overboard. Use the social networking sites to your advantage. You'll have to interact with others about other things, but throw your link out there every once in a while. After all it is a part of who you are.

Thanks for visiting today.
Deena Davis