Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome To My Studio --- Bette's Tomorrows Treasures

Today I thought I would take you for a tour through my studio so you can see where I spend a good portion of my day.

For many years I have taken over a part of the living area of my home and though it is pretty small, only 8 ft x 12 ft, I finally have a dedicated area to work in and I can close the door on the mess and no one else has to see the clutter.

As you come in the door, on the left is the closet area. I  added several shelves in the closet for fabric and keep the fabrics I use most often in here.   I have a shelf against the wall which has a pegboard behind it for my rulers to hang on.

Right next to the closet is my work table.   It is 6 ft wide but I had a big problem working on it because I always seemed to have piles of fabric in my way.   I recently added a long shoe shelf on top of it, against the wall and that has helped a lot with the fabric piles.   I  am now able to keep an area clean for cutting fabric and getting packages ready for the mail.

Under the work table I have several drawer towers for holding supplies and a small file cabinet for papers and patterns.  

To the right of the work table is my ironing station with another drawer tower.
Above this are shelves.   As you will see throughout my tour,   I have used every available space for supplies.
As you move towards the right,  this wall has the only window in the room.    In the corner of the other side of the room is my sewing station.    The table was a kitchen counter.   I made three wood pedestals for it to sit on.  
Under the sewing table I have some more stacking drawers.
And over one wall is my pegboard seen in an earlier organizing post.

As you continue along this wall I have more wall shelves.  
More drawers underneath them.   The colorful storage drawers hold all my printing papers and my postage scale sits on top of it.

And the final corner is my computer station.   I added shelves underneath the desk and small plastic drawers to the side of it hold more supplies.
I hope you enjoyed seeing where I work and write my posts for this blog.   It is still a work in progress as it is only half painted and needs flooring but I love my little space.

Thanks for visiting today.