Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial ---- Scrap Fabric Crafting

 Welcome to tuesday's tutorial.  Well, ok,  if you want to get technical today is wednesday and I am a day late.  lol    Hope you enjoy these great ideas for using up scraps no matter what day it is.

 Make a cute plastic bag storage bag from co-ordinated scraps.   Saidos da Concha

Make some felt donuts with your scrap felt.

Make some of these flowers for brooches or to add to all kinds of accesories.   Bilbified

This idea takes fabric and used CD's.    Mojo & Co

Now I have made these pinwheels for my dolls to hold before but I never would have thought to make them a hair ornament.    Lttle Jenny Wren

Thanks for visiting today and have fun sewing.