Monday, August 19, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Great Cans

Tin cans are everywhere!  We use them everyday, rinse them and toss 'em in the recycle bin.  But artists have found unique ways to up-cycle tin can trash into whimsical treasures.  I have not honed my metal-working skills so I rely on these Etsy artists to show off their creative up-cycling ways.

 Garden fun awaits at SquiggaSquirms. Made from clean empty cans, these festive flowers are a perfect gift for any occasion!
Twice Baked Arts makes fun household d├ęcor from the recycle bin!  For fun and whimsy head to Twice Baked Arts.
Need some unique up-cycled jewelry to show you're both stylish and eco-considerate?  Check out  Uncanny Rubbish for fab earth friendly accessories.
Eco-friendly is a big trend for brides!  Add glimmer and shine to all the bridal events with these up-cycled aluminum favor boxes by Lizard Skins !
Go a little rustic country with hanging herbs taking root inside decorated tin cans!  This example from All Natural Emporium is simple and affordable!  A perfect way to continue growing herbs inside or outside throughout the seasons.

Always look twice at something before you toss it.  You never know when inspiration will strike!
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand Of Bela Peck