Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial ---- Tussie Mussies

We have a guest poster today with a darling tutorial for you.    Thanks so much to Sally Swift from All Things Homey blog for sharing this tutorial for her Tussie Mussies with us.

Historically a tussie-mussie was a small Victorian bridal bouquet. In the decades that followed, this term also became synonymous with a small cone-shaped vessel to hold a single flower or some other type of treat. Tussie Mussies were popular during May Day celebrations.
Last month I gave instructions on how to make a paper ruffle for a Tussie Mussie I was making. This month I am giving instructions on how to make the Tussie Mussie.

The four Tussie Mussies above are 5" high not including ruffle and the ribbon for hanging.

The following instructions are for this size.

1. Use a 10" diameter plate to draw a circle a 12" x 12" piece of paper or cardstock.

2. Find the center point of your circle and divide into 4 equal parts. Cut apart.

3. Fold 1/4" on one long side, cutting off the bottom corner.

4. Decorate

5. Glue long edges

To Decorate:

Tip: always decorate before joining the sides into a cone shape.

Decorations could include:
Lace ruffle, ric rac, gold trim, metallic pipe cleaners, ribbon. Wired ribbon is great because you just pull the wire and it gathers the ribbon.

Embellishments can be glued to the center front. I've used vintage lace, printed Victorian images, glitter shamrock, flowers, vintage buttons, ribbon, rhinestone, gold trim and ribbon flowers. The hanging ribbon can be glued on the cone before or after gluing on the ruffle. If attached to the outside of the cone, cover the ends with a little ribbon bow or button. I have used both tacky white glue and glue gun.

To glue the cone, use tacky white glue along the folded edge. Roll the cone so the two long edges glue, one edge on top of the glued edge. This can be tricky and frustrating but hold in place until dry.

Ideas on how to use your Tussie Mussies:
Give as a hostess gift, give as favors at a birthday party, to welcome a new neighbor, to welcome a baby, holds an invitation to a party or use as a container for a present.

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