Sunday, September 5, 2010

Selling Online --- Selling From Your Blog

Blogs have become a very important resource for the crafting business.

It can also be a way to get started in the craft business on a shoe string.

Probably the most popular blog host is It is free to use so you can set one up as a way to sell your handmade crafts.

The first thing you will need is a paypal account. It doesn't cost anything to join but you will pay selling fees when you sell a product.

You can make product buttons in paypal to add to the products for sale on your blog that will take your customer right to paypal to pay for their purchase. These can be added to your post or to your side bar depending on how you set your blog up to sell on.

If you have an etsy shop there are widgets you can add to your blog that will show your entire product line enabling you to make sales from etsy right from your blog.

Having a selling blog is the same as any other worthy endeavor, promotion is the key ingredient to success.

It is not enough to add new products to your blog. That would be very boring to your readers. Blog about crafting, things that interest you, or a little about your life.
Free tutorials and free giveaways are a couple of worthwhile ways of generating traffic to your blog.

Other free ways to promote your blog is to post about your blog on twitter or facebook.

It is important to add fresh relevant content to your blog on a regular basis in order to be included in the search engine rankings.

Here are some examples of selling blogs.

Straight selling blog:

Selling Blog/Sewing/Personal blog: