Saturday, July 6, 2013

Update on Veggie Bags

I thought I would post an update on how the recycle jeans veggie bags are working out.
The most important tip I have found is to feed them with Miracle Grow fertilizer every week or two. What a difference in the plants since I started doing that.
Their potting soil is real nice, too, as it holds the water better than the cheaper kind but the cheaper stuff will work as long as you fertilize the soil.
I am so excited about my first cucumber. This was taken a few days ago. It is even bigger now. They surely do grow fast!

Another thing I did was to put pots under the bags so I am not wasting the water that drips from the bottom of the bags. Next year I will put bush type vegetables in them.

Here is a picture of Deena's tomato bag. Http://

Now I am trying to figure out how I can use these bags for fall vegetables. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas on what type winter vegetable would grow in them.