Tuesday, October 15, 2013


In my last posting I showed you how to make the top of the pot holders, so this time I will show you how to finish it. :)   I am sure there are several different way to do this, but this is just the way I do it. :)

Now that you have your pot holder front done you need to layer it and put it together. 

You will need to either make a binding or you can use bias tape. I always make my binding which I make like bias tape. I cut a 2 inch strip by width of fabric that is matching the potholder backing. Be sure you cut enough fabric to give you an appx 4 inch tail to make the hanging hoop later.

I cut the backing fabric about an inch larger than the pot holder front so there is enough fabric if the pot holder moves while sewing....just like when you quilt.

You will need to have one layer of Insulbright (which is for the heat resistant) and I add a layer of natural cotton batting. Cut these also an inch larger than the pot holder.

This is the type of batting I use, but you can use any brand you want.

Next you will need to put the layers together. The Insulbright goes down on top of the backing fabric so it will be closest to the heat source.
Now we need to sew the border/bias tape to the pot holder and batting. I sew about a 1/4 inch in which is the shorter end of the binding. If you want to at this time you can do whatever quilt stitching you would like before you sew the binding. I just do a stitch in the ditch around the center.
After you sew the binding on you will need to cut the excess batting off.

Now you will need to turn the binding to the back and make a hem out of it. Pin it all around the pot holder as you will do a decorative stitch on the front of the pot holder.

Sew a decorative stitch around the pot holder. I use a zig-zag stitch. Be sure to sew the 4 inch tail closed also as this will be the tab for hanging the pot holder.

Now you need to make the tab to hang the pot holder. You can either do it by machine stitch or you can do it by hand. I do it by hand as I like it better that way.


Now you are done! Your pot holder is ready for hanging in your kitchen.
You can make all kinds of different design and patterns! I know I do. :)

Thanks for joining me in my tutorial. Have fun creating! :)
Colleen :)