Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial - DIY Upcycled Jack-O-Lanterns

What I'm sharing today are not your "typical" jack-o-lanterns, they're not even made from pumpkins, but they sure are cute... some are even scary, but all are made from items you'd normally throw away.

These luminaries are made from painted jars. You will find complete instructions to make these at www.craftsbyamanda.com

These jack-o-lanterns made from 2 liter bottles look fun, easy and ohh sooo cute. Instructions can be found at www.dltk-holidays.com

Check out these "Spirit Jugs". I know, they're not jack-o-lanterns, but they are pretty clever! Instructions can be found at www.eighteen25.blogspot.com

Now it's time to starting saving jars, jugs and bottles so you can make a lot of fun halloween crafts.

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Deena Davis