Monday, May 24, 2010

Organizing Embroidery Floss

All I can say is WOW when I check out these ideas for storing and organizing your embroidery floss. I certainly wish I was "half" as organized as these girls.

This first idea comes from The Twisted Stitchers' Tutorials

I think that chest full of floss is just simply beautiful. If it were mine, I'd probably just want to leave the drawers open just to admire all the pretty colors.

Next we have a really great idea using the small drawer storage containers from

She says it took her 3 days to organize it all, but again, she's WOW'd me with how it's all so organized and neat.

And last, we have this neat bag style organizing system from

How nice to be able to thumb thru and find what you need in a matter of seconds.

I use bags to store my floss (a couple gallon sized zipper bags) and what a MESS it is. I'm not a stitcher, but when I do need it, it's always a tangled mess.  I need to practice some of these ideas. I'm sure you'd agree if you saw what I have.

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Deena Davis