Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Recycling Old Jeans

I am sure all of us have old pairs of jeans sitting in the drawer and we have been wondering what to do with them as you can only have so many "cutoff" shorts. Well here is a way to recycle those old jeans. Sandra over at Sew In Peace has a neat way of turning those old jeans into a quilt. I know I have some jeans I could use to do this. Maybe just a small quilt for one of my grandkids...hmmmm.....gives me an idea. :)

Recycle Jeans to Make a Quilt

Did you know jeans make great quilts?
If you try this, you'll want to use heavy duty scissors like the one pictured above.
The spring loaded handle makes it easy to cut through heavy fabrics.

After the seams have been removed, the fabric can be easily cut into blocks.

Generally, I cut my blocks into 7" squares, 5" squares, and 3" x 7" blocks.
I have found these sizes to work best for me.

This pile can now be made into a quilt.
If you decide to make a quilt be sure to purchase a denim needle
It will save you a ton of grief!

This raggy edge baby quilt was made with denim on one side and flannel on the other.

Here is a peek at the back of the quilt.

This picnic size quilt was also made with the raggy edge method.
The squares have jean fabric on one side and cotton print on the other.

The squares were laid out in a pattern where some cotton blocks
 faced the front and others the back.

This denim quilt was made with the trip around the world pattern.

The back of this quilt was lined with flannel.

So get those old jeans out of the drawer and closet and make something useful from them! 

Enjoy sewing! 

Colleen :)