Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today's Featured Craft Business Owner is Kelle Arvay

Today we are featuring a craft business owner, Kelle Arvay.

Kelle is the owner of Patternmart, Instant Printables, IPMPro, and Two Dancing Crows.

Kelle started out 9 years ago as a designer of doll patterns and was very successful at it for a number of years.

Six years ago, her innovative mind led her to coming up with a way to automate the sale and delivery process of epatterns.

Paypal solved the problem of receiving payments but she wanted to offer a way where customers could receive their pattern instantly after they made their purchase.
She also wanted to help designers free up some of their time by creating the automated system so they didn’t have to email patterns to customers. Thus, Pattern Mart, Instant Printables and IPMPro became a reality after a 2 year research and development process.

Today Patternmart is the premier place to buy and sell patterns. There are thousands of patterns from almost 200 designers available for your crafting enjoyment. And of course, there is no waiting to start crafting because you will receive your patterns as soon as you make your purchase.
Instant Printables,  offers all kinds of printables for instant download,  too.

Kelle is always looking for ways to grow her business. And continuously looks for ways to improve features on all of her business sites as well as promote Creative Times magazine, another of Kelle's sidelines, in more creative ways.
Kelle's mind is always working and she has a new business idea she is working on and hopes to have ready to launch by early 2011.

Kelle is a WAHM business owner and her work day begins at 8am and while she tries hard to end the day by 6pm, she does find that she checks emails after that time and occasionally will work on less urgent things such as updating her blog. There is a lot of flexibility in being a work at home mom and the type of businesses she has.
She has a wonderful assistant and 95% of the time the websites themselves run on autopilot so that adds to the flexibility of her schedule. For example; things like dentist appointments or simple errands are easy to accomplish.

The things she loves about her work is the freedom it affords her and she really enjoys working with designers which comes from her own passion for doll making and pattern designing.

She also enjoy challenges and is constantly looking at new ways to improve the function of her business websites.
She feels one of the most important things to consider before starting any business is that if you aren’t passionate about it you will quickly burn out.

Each of her businesses has something to offer craft-minded people, whether they are customers looking for patterns, printables or online classes.
At the other spectrum, Pattern Mart, Instant Printables and IPMPro affords designers the ability to automate their pattern business.
Creative Times Magazine also offers readers artistic inspiration and companies an affordable advertising venue to reach their target market. Essentially, Kelle has something for everyone that is in the Arts and Crafts industry.

Here are a few pictures of some of Kelle's own designer patterns where it all began for her.

Kelle Arvay may be found here. 

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Bette Shaw