Monday, July 1, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Update Your Reflection

Summer is time to lighten up and allow fresh colors to rule the walls.
Before heading out to a local boutique, check the closet or attic for a good up-cycling option.  After all, closets are usually where items go waiting out that guilt period before getting tossed in the trash pile.
Picture frames and mirrors offer an easy up-date opportunity. This mirror/print combo has been fearing the trash pile for 6 years now.  It's up-cycle day has finally come!
The supply list is small and already on hand!
*Spare paint  *Large and small brushes *Sandpaper  *Pliers *Scrap art
Gently tug at nails with pliers and set aside for re-use.In this case the cardboard backing is crumbling and needs to be replaced.
Remove the current mirror and glass. Clean with warm soapy water and set aside.
The current artwork in my frame is just a reprint dirtied by age- so into the recycle bucket it goes.Using a 120 grit paper,lightly sand the frame.  Remove sanding residue with a damp cloth.
Apply paint with large brush.  Use small brush for crevices and difficult areas.  Lightly sand when dry and use a damp cloth to wipe away any residue.
For the artwork section I am turning to the vast supply in my tidbits drawer.  I have stitching remnants, scrapbook papers, vintage images and old photographs to choose from.
Though I like all the options, I am going to go with the light airy look of the paper lace atop teal paper.

Using the frame glass as a template, cut the desired artwork to fit the frame.  Also use the glass and mirror as templates to cut new cardboard backings.
Reassemble the frame, glass, mirror, and artwork. Place new cardboard atop each section.  Using original nails and pliers, secure cardboard to the frame. 
 If this will be a gift, use decorative paper, or frame paper to seal the back for a finished look.
If you are like me, and change your mind with the seasons, leave the back open for easy artwork change-outs.  I never fear my guests looking behind my projects and seeing unfinished edges.  I always love to share the simple shortcuts of my work. 
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck