Monday, March 31, 2014

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Eco-Friendly Easter Fun

Easter celebrations are just around the corner!  Although we try to impart the true meaning of Easter on the kiddos- to them it is a time of chocolate rabbits, egg hunts and a time to gather with all the cousins.  The Etsy up-cycle artists are hard at work bringing fresh ideas to the younger folks at prices that make every parent smile!

Teach the kiddos something magical this year with this silk Easter egg kit from BooBahBlue.  Wee eyes will widen when recycled and reusable fabric scraps transform the egg into something eggstra-ordinary! (Sorry- I just had to go there!)
Keep the kitchen lessons rolling by letting the kids make their own chocolate treats.  Vintage chocolate molds lend whimsy and nostalgia to any party and the molds double as kitschy d├ęcor. Better "hop" on these molds from efinegifts priced to sell fast!
 Fill the basket with treats they can use year round!  No fear of breakage with these chunky eggs made of recycled crayons by art2theextreme.  Favorite this innovative shop for crayons in every shape and size imaginable!

Make-believe goes wild with these adorable bunny masks from EWMcCall! Made from new soft fabrics these Easter treats technically aren't an up-cycle but they were too cute not to include!
Pocket-sized pals are popular with the wee ones right now!  SesameSeedDesigns crafts these sweet bunnies from up-cycled sweaters and tucks them in a wooden egg for an Easter morning surprise!
For more up-cycled Easter treats search Easter up-cycle on Etsy!

Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck