Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: A Vintage Christmas

If you are like me Christmas time brings back memories of when I was a child (many, many, many years ago! haha!) and all the wonderful Christmas's we had with family and friends. From waiting to open presents to the wonderful church services. 

I thought today we would check out Etsy and see what we can find to help bring back the memories of Christmas's past. 

For all of you who do sugar cookie baking, and I am one of those, do you remember using these cookie cutters like the one's from StoneBridgeWorks...wait......I still use them! :)

Remember sending out all those Christmas cards? How many of you still do this? If you do that is very nice of you to continue to do that. I for one had to stop doing this when I got so busy years ago with life and I just didn't seem to have the time to get everything else done. These cards from TheBrownPear show how pretty the Christmas cards are. 

OOOO....OOOO...who remembers these??? I do, I do!!!!! We had these on our tree and I remember watching the bubbles go up and down in them for hours. Actually I still have some of these on my tree. :)  PinkPickerParty has these. 

Do you remember these aluminum trees? I do. I had a neighbor who had a big one in her front window and it had blue bulbs on it and she also had a light shining on it. I always thought how pretty it looked. It was a little bigger than this one from PennsVintage, but this one would sit nice on your table. 

Oh my......I could go on and on finding all this Christmas vintage, but I need to get busy making those sugar cookies with my vintage cookie cutters. :)

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the season!

Colleen :)