Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Don't Take Decorating So Seriously

The items you collect tell a story of who you are and where you’ve been. When you walk into your home, you should be surrounded by the things that you love. A room should make you feel comfortable and happy.

Don’t let others dictate your choices or style of decorating. One person’s idea of decorating may be different than another’s.

It is okay if your home is not furnished in period antiques. It is okay to have reproductions and to work authentic pieces in when your budge permits. Don’t have a room that is so perfect and formal that you stand on edge for fear of disturbing the perfection of it. You don’t live in a magazine. You live in a real home. Make sure your home is comfortable for you and your family.

by your hands

Not every room has to have the same theme. One room can be decorated in primitives with the next room being country-themed. If you want to decorate your bedroom in floral designs, then do it. That is the fun of decorating. You get to do it the way you want to.

by your hands blog

You should never buy items just for the sake of buying them. Make sure you love what you buy and always be confident in your choices.

by your hands blog

Everyone’s home is unique in its own way. You may see someone’s home and decide that it is not your “cup of tea”. Don’t criticize. Every home is as unique as the homeowner. That is what is so wonderful about decorating. No two homes are alike. Don’t take decorating so seriously. I am not the world's best decorator, but I must say our house is "lived" in. It is comfortable and it is "home".  Have fun with what you have! :)

Colleen :)