Tuesday, June 25, 2013


You may call it Americana or Patriotic, but for us in the United States we call it Independence Day!! In honor of the Fourth of July this year I thought I would share this Americana decorating idea with all of you. I read it in the The Country Register of Minnesota.

When you think of Americana, all things red, white and blue come to mind. Bringing the patriotic spirit into your home can be as easy as hanging an American flag. Incorporate a few of these ideas to give your home warmth and style this summer. :)

Early American décor, such as spinning wheels, vintage quilts, historical documents and presidential portraits will give your room a historical look and patriotic feel.


For a rustic/country-inspired look, add primitive folk art – flags, stars and folksy motifs in red, white and blue. Amish barn stars, rusty star garlands, a rustic wooden flag and small American flags tucked into crocks or baskets will complement any room and add instant flair. Place a potted red geranium in a small crock for an instant pop of color.


If the traditional colors of red, white and blue do not flow with your décor, try using slightly different shades like burgundy instead of red, antique cream instead of white or country blue instead of the traditional blue.  Use coffee stained table runners, linens or other items in patriotic themes to tone down the colors. This will give them an antique or primitive look.

americana table runner

Showcase your items against a neutral backdrop. Displaying them against a wallpapered wall will only create a busy scene. Your collections will already be colorful by themselves. Put them up against a neutral background so they can take center stage. Americana is based on the simplicity of country. Keep it simple.

Remember, patriotic décor does not have to be just for the Fourth of July. Our love of the past goes hand-in-hand with celebrating our country’s birthday. Hope some of these ideas inspire you to get busy decorating your home to celebrate the wonderful holiday of our independence.

                                                                      COLLEEN :)