Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving has so many traditional dishes and lots of good eating. Of course most of us wayyyyyy overeat on this day. I know we do. I thought I would peruse the web and see what I could find on traditional recipes from turkeys to pumpkin pies. Hope you enjoy. 

So what is the most important food for your Thanksgiving meal? Is it dressing? That certainly is my family's and this recipe from Can't Stay Out of The Kitchen is the exact same one that I use. :)  I have to make lots and lots of this. 

Now of course we have to have gravy with our turkey and when my mom was alive she made the best gravy. I can't make very good gravy so now I cheat......jar gravy for us. I know, I know....how terrible! Here is a recipe from What's Gaby Cooking that you use the pan drippings. I guess I could give it a try again....NOT! :)

Then there is the traditional cranberry sauce. Oh no here we go again......I use the canned cranberry sauce. Man I don't do anything right do I! LOL! :) Closet Cooking has a pretty easy looking recipe for this. 

Then there is the finale to all that eating you did......pumpkin pie. I have to make several of these so they last a few days and yes......I do make these from scratch! Yeah.....did something right. :)  Over at HGTV they have this recipe for the perfect pumpkin pie. 

So no matter what you eat on Thanksgiving enjoy it and have a great time celebrating with family and friends!


Colleen :)