Monday, June 3, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Behind The Closet Door

I just love the unexpected find!  For $0, I turned ultra-drab into an ultra-fab shabby chic treasure!
Some trash to treasure inspirations strike suddenly, without warning, under cloak of night; becoming a covert rescue operation.  Stranded on a curbside trash pile is a discarded bi-fold closet door. I drive by slowly, eye-balling the scene: looks clean. I use my shifty senses to survey the neighborhood (don't want to get caught in the act, pride goeth before the score...), not a soul in sight!  I put the car in reverse and load up my find!
The  key to good closet doors for up-cycle projects is solid wood.  Hollow core, pre-fab cheapies don't hold paint and won't withstand rehab abuse. To save time in the search for good doors, check your local RE-Store, a building supply store benefitting Habitat for Humanity.
The doors I picked up need very little work before the embellishing fun.  The outside of the doors are just the right patina of vintage white oil paint.  I will leave the "out" side as-is for days when I want a blank palette.  But the "in" side of the doors are smoothly finished with one coat of primer.  I want some 'pop' so I am going to give these doors a color wash.
Three cheers for short supply lists!!
*Sandpaper *Paint *Paintbrush *Rag *Embellishments
Using a wet rag, clean away any dirt and grime on the door. Lightly sand the "in" side of the door, wipe away sanding residue.
To apply a wash of color, not a thick coat, dilute paint with water. 
1/4 cup paint + 1/8 cup water is plenty for this project.
Apply paint one panel section at a time.
After each panel, use a damp rag to wipe away 75% of the paint.
Now the door is ready for embellishments.  (I know!  That was SUPER fast!)  Lay the door flat to attach hardware.  I know this seems like common sense- but believe me, I learned the hard way! 
  I never have enough places to hang stuff- so I am going to add vintage hooks and upholstery tacks to aid in my display needs.
My embellishments include a bevy of trinkets including vintage lamp crystals, cut glass salt shakers, and some wire tea light candle holders.
 Get creative with placing embellishments.  Put elements in unexpected places.  Use this screen as a place to display architectural finds that have been hiding in a drawer.  Display your collection of off beat knobs!  Go hog-wild!  It's your screen and it's just so happy not to be headed to the dump it will proudly wear whatever you choose!
The screen is now free to move about the home and patio!
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck