Monday, May 6, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Give 'Em The Slip

Last year's chair cushions showing their wear?  Don't throw them away!  Give them a quick, easy-peasey facelift with slip covers made from an old button-down shirt.
Spring has sprung across the country and as we dust off our front porches, entryways and fave outside spaces we realize Ewwwwwwww- the winter has taken a toll on those seat cushions!
  I always cringe at the thought of spending money on generic over-priced cushion covers!  Everything needed to spruce up this seat is already at home.
What You Need:
Old cushion
Sharpie Marker
Old button down shirt (or a button front full skirt works well too)
Cotton or poly batting

With shirt buttoned, turn shirt inside out, lay flat. 
The button side of the shirt will be the slip cover bottom.
Place the cushion on top to use as pattern.
 With Sharpie marker, trace the cushion's shape Remember to add extra room (usually and additional 1-2 inches) to allow for the cushion depth.
Cut 1 layer of batting the same size as the fabric, place against wrong side of top layer.
Pin all three layers together.  Stitch 1/2 inch along the outer edges.  Reinforce with a zigzag stitch.
Unbutton all buttons and turn slip cover right side out.  Press. 
At this point, embellishments can be added such as simple knots, buttons, or decorative hand stitching. 
 Place old pillow inside new cover.
Re-button bottom side, place on chair, and enjoy!
Rut-roh- Now the rest of that corner needs a face lift!
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck