Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rag Quilting Tutorial --- Part Five

Welcome to the final rag quilting post.   This quilt is 54 inches across and 72 inches long.   A little big for a lap quilt but wonderful to cuddle up in on a winter evening watching TV.    It is so big I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture.   This covers almost the whole of the top of my queen size mattress.    I also forgot to mention this block is called the Shoo Fly Block and originated around 1850.

There is one final step you need to do when you have all your blocks sewn together. 

Sew all around the outside edge in a 3/4 inch seam and then clip the seam for fringe. 

To completely finish your quilt you can either get it wet in the washer and then dry it in the dryer so the fringe will curl.    Or you can just spray the fringed seams with water and then throw it in the dryer.

I didn't do that yet with my quilt because it is not finished.   I am making this into a queen size bed quilt.
I hope you enjoyed following along with me and are busy making your own lap quilt.

Bette Shaw