Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Fall Recipes

Now that fall is here it is time to get busy and use all those fruits and nuts that you harvested to make some delicious pies. Unless you are like me and have to go to the grocery store to get the fruits and nuts! LOL! :)

First I think we will start with blueberry. We do have some wild blueberries in our back fields, but didn't get enough picked this year for pies. We use them in pancakes, but Sifting Focus has  pretty good looking pie recipe. 

Next pie is fresh raspberry. We do pick lots of wild raspberries up here, but I use them for jelly and syrup....maybe next year I will pick extra for a pie. I found this recipe once off of pbs.org, but haven't tried it yet. Maybe you can try it for us. :)

I don't know how many of you have fresh pecans to pick, but if not you can do just like me and go to the grocery store to get them. Actually I have never made a pecan pie, but this recipe from Todays Mama for little mini pies looks pretty good and the pies look like a good individual serving. 

Now I do make pumpkin pies especially for Thanksgiving. Years ago I grew the pumpkins and had fresh pumpkin pies, but I haven't grown any pumpkins up here, but maybe when I get my greenhouse built I will grow them again. Nothing better than a fresh pumpkin pie with fresh pumpkin, but until then I will have to use canned pumpkin. This recipe from Inspired Tastes uses pumpkin puree, but I am sure canned pumpkin would work. 

Boy all this talk about making pies makes me hungry. Guess I need to get to the grocery store and get busy making a pie. :)

Happy Baking! 

Colleen :)