Thursday, May 22, 2014

Witches Stiches – Bears

I have been on vacation so I don’t have any craft this week, but I do have an idea. We spent the past 4 days at the beach, (yeah me), on the way home we stopped at a few antique shops. I bought some very cute vintage doll dresses and slips. After I bought them, was trying to think what I would make to put them on. I thought bears would be great, then I thought no, then yes…anyway...let me digress a bit first.

Years ago I made bears all the time and as much as I liked the end result, I hated working with fur. Every time I made a bear it looked like a cat exploded in my studio. I was over the bear making for quite some time. I have now decided to make a few again and dress them in the vintage doll dresses I bought, but I am not going to use fur. No more picking it out of the seams for me. I am going to use other fabrics and see what happens. I want them to look worn, torn and well loved. I thought I would use warm and natural cotton quilt batting, or maybe old feed sacks I have.

I will be back next week with a tutorial on how I made the bear, unless it come out really bad. LOL

Until then I made a pintrest board for some inspiration.

Take a look and I will talk with you next week.