Thursday, March 20, 2014

Witches Stitches – How to Make a Primitive Dollhouse Doll

I love to make Prairie dolls. I love the primitive well-worn look. I have made all sizes and today I will show you how to make one dollhouse size. These dolls are made with wood clothespins, cotton, cheese cloth and an antique quilt scrap for their dress. They are so simple and you can make one in 10 min. Here is how:  When I say glue, I am referring to white craft glue.

Step 1 – First get an old clothespin, or if you don’t want to cut an old in half you can get a new one in a craft store. I used a new one, I did not want to cut up old ones. Take your clothespin and cut it in half. The top part should be 2” tall. (I had my husband do this with his saw)
Step 2 - Cut a scrap of fabric to cover the head with. I really don’t measure this, I just eye it. Cover the top of the clothespin with white craft glue. Not too much you don’t want it soaking through your fabric. Now lay the fabric over the top and press down. You will have a few creases, make sure they are to the back of the doll and the face is smooth. You do not have to cover the whole pin, the dress will cover the bottom part.
Step 3 – Cut a piece of an old cutter quilt, (if you don’t have this, just use a piece of cotton fabric of your choice), make it 2 ½” X 1 ½”. Now put a line of glue down one end and along the top edge. Place the fabric on the doll at the neck and press it on. Add a dab of glue to keep it closed in the back. Now cut a scrap a bit smaller to be used as the apron. I used cheesecloth. You can use whatever you want. Wrap it around and secure with a dab of glue. Then wrap it with a bit of twine. Now she has her dress and apron.
Step 4 – To make her arms, (if you don’t want arms on your doll skip this step). Cut 2 pieces of the same fabric you covered the head with 1 ½” X ½”. Smear some glue on the one side of the fabric and roll it into a tight roll the long way. Don’t worry if the ends are not even, you will trim them off. When you are done with both hold them together and trim the ends so you have finished arms that are 1” long. Put a dab of glue a bit lower than the neck and secure the arms on. If a little glue oozes out that is OK, you will use it to secure the bonnet.
Step 5 – To make the bonnet cut a piece of fabric, (I used cheese cloth, you can use whatever cotton fabric you choose), 2 ½” X a bit over 1”. Put a dab of glue on the dolls head and place the hat on making sure the hang over of the fabric is even on both sides. Now press down and press down at the shoulders too until it stays. Now turn the doll over and use a bit of glue to press down the bonnet in the back center. Then bring both sides in and secure with a touch of glue. Your doll is now done.
These look cute in a dollhouse, on a shelf or as bowl fillers. If you drill holes in the clothespin before you start to dress her, you can string them on garland. You can also make some that are 4” tall by not cutting the clothespin. Just do it all the same way as the small one. Enjoy. If you like these and don’t want to make them, I sell the finished product. I know, I know a shameless plug for me. ;-)