Monday, December 30, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Spin A New Tune

With up-cycling and re-cycling finally reaching mainstream consciousness, the arts and crafts community is rocking the cause with ingenuity and style.
These Etsy up-cyclers have found the right notes with their musical recreations.
(Fair warning: there will be many corny musical references in this post!)

BootsNGus gets my ultra fave award for reintroducing the mason jar as stylish speakers.  Visit this eco-chic shop to be wowed by this artist's magical up-cycled home goods.

Place the music close to your ears with these up-cycled music paper earrings by EarthChildArt.  Visit her Etsy shop to see how she transforms ordinary paper into delicate jewels.
 Who isn't in love with the romance of vintage music sheets! StayGoldMedia adds pops of whimsy and hipster images to up-cycled papers to create artwork that sings good vibes.
Old album covers are both artistic and nostalgic.  Retrograndma up-cycles album jackets into sturdy handbags that totally rock!
Mix sewing and music in the up-cycle process?  Yes please! LaurelsArt uses recycled records as her canvas. With a wide range of subject matter, this store is right on key.
Make the music last with functional assemblage art.  Made from piano keys, piano hammers and scrap wood, this Robot sculpture would be the high note of any collection! Swing into Rengaarts to view more of this artist's amazing work.
I think I'm finally out of musical puns but you can make the beat go on by searching up-cycle music on Etsy.

Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck