Friday, July 30, 2010

Trash to Treasure --- Suitcases

Today's trash to treasure is about vintage suitcases.   It is interesting to me to see all these ways to repurpose an old suitcase.

You can find a tutorial here on how to make this pet bed from a suitcase.   It includes directions on securing the lid.  You wouldn't want it falling on your pet!
Kirsten's Suitcase Pet Bed

Add legs to a suitcase to make a side table.

Here is a tutorial showing how to do this on Good Housekeeping.

Here is a beautiful cottagy side table  with the suitcase sitting on a table made by Songbird

Here are some pictures of other uses to give you some inspiration.

Paint them.

Suitcase Chair

Storage for Craft Supplies

Stack them and use them for storage.

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Bette Shaw

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