Monday, June 28, 2010

Organize It --- Buttons

I confess,  I love buttons!    I probably have more buttons than I will ever use but I still continue to buy them.

For a long time when I needed a button for a project I was searching through a jumble of buttons and it took forever to find just the right one to fit what I was making.    

I eventually decided to divide them up into like sizes of buttons but that didn't work either because I was wading through every color to find a specific color.

A few years ago I acquired a bunch of vintage blue ball jars and last year I decided to use them for my button collection.   I now have them separated by color and I have found this the easiest way to find the right button for my project.    The jars didn't have lids but I happened to have some rusty tin lids that fit.    I keep them lined along the edge of my sewing table.    This is just a short section of them.   I counted and I have 19 jars of buttons.   Some colors that I have a lot of,  like white,  are separated into large and small buttons.

Jars seem to be the most popular way to store buttons.    This collection has mine beat.   It is so pretty to look at,  too.

This small collection of buttons is separated by color in a vintage print drawer.   It makes a very pretty accent to your sewing room.

This is another great way to store buttons from Mrs. Kwitty.   This is one of those nuts and bolts organizers.

So do you have a unique way to store buttons?    We would love to hear about it if you do.

Thanks for visiting today.
Bette Shaw