Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Vintage Garden Implements

Now that we have the flower gardens planned out for planting we need to put some "art" in them. I love antique implements. I use to have so many of them in my yard before we moved. I planted flowers in so many of them like cream separators, wash tubs, buckets, etc. I even had a claw foot tub that I planted flowers in. Oh yes.....the good old days. :)

Well today I thought I would show you some implements and things you can use in your garden and yards. Where would find some of those items...of course....let's visit Etsy to see what we can find. 

We need to start with some color for our flower garden. This recycled garden tiller head from NafeIronWorksDesign has lots of color to add to all the colors of your garden. 

Old wash tubs always make great pots for flowers. I had several of them and lined them up around my deck. Over at TangerineFig you can find this really neat wash tub. I like the way this tub flairs out and is not the usual straight up and down. 

I am sure many of you have seen or used these old whiskey barrels for planting flowers. They make a great pot for flowers. KarensChicNShabby has this one available. 

Another good item to use for flower pots are the old vintage water cans. You can use them for watering your flowers if you want, but they also make great flower pots. I like this one from MilkweedVintageHome because it also has a red sprinkler head that would stick out past all the flowers. 

There are endless items you can use for flower pots. I could go on and on and on showing you them all. I just love to put flowers in different things. It always adds a little something to the flower garden. Now...get busy planting those flowers. :)

Happy gardening and enjoy your week! 

Colleen :)