Thursday, December 5, 2013

Witches Stitches Making the Giftwrap part of the Gift

We are all so busy this time of year so this week’s post is going to be a bit short, but fun.
As it gets closer and closer to Christmas we are all getting gifts for the special people in our lives. I like to make the gift wrap be just as much fun as what is in the package.  Wrapping paper is expensive,  I rather use the money I would spend on paper on another little gift. Here are a few ideas for some fun and interesting gift wrap. These ideas match the gifts I am giving. I will let you know what I am doing and maybe you can use some of my ideas or it may get you thinking to come up with some of your own.

1 – My 5 year old grandson loves anything with dinosaurs. I bought him some small dino animals, dino cup, dino pez, (remember those!), dino t-shirt  and a few other little things. I also got him some dino washcloths for the bath. I wrapped each little thing in a washcloth tied them with ribbon and placed them all in one box. I then used the t-shirt as the wrapping paper for the box. Instead of tape I used ribbon.
2 – My daughter has been making magnet boards and selling them at our local antique and craft mall. So I bought her some supplies to make more and because she uses fabric I wrapped the supplies in fat quarters then tied with ribbon. I then placed them in one box and used a yard of fabric for the wrapping paper. I used ribbon instead of tape.
3 – My middle daughter lives in NY state and it is cold up there. She trains race horses and that means a lot of outside work.  It is so cold up there so I always send her cold weather items. I placed them all in a box and then I found a lap blanket with horses on it. I used this for the wrapping paper. I figure on a cold night this will come in handy. During the day when she is at work I am sure her very spoiled cat will sleep on it. ;-)

4 – My son is so hard to buy for. So for him it is a gift card. He also loves crazy t-shirts, so I will use the t-shirt for wrapping paper. I will get him a few shirts and roll them up with the gift cards rolled inside. Then I tie them up with pretty ribbon.

5 – My youngest daughter is my hippy child. I got her a cloth shoulder bag and filled it with items and put a bow on top. 
6 – My two year old grandson loves the movie cars and he loves hats. I got him a hat and filled it with a few toys and of course pez! I then tied it off with a ribbon. He will love it.

I am sure you get the picture. If you add up what you pay for paper you can add a bit more to the gift. After paper just gets tossed away!  I would love to hear some ideas from you all. As always any questions just give me a shout.  Enjoy Faith