Thursday, May 8, 2014

Witches stitches - Stacking Red, White and Blue Stars

At the end of May I put out my red, white, and blue decorations. I do it a few days before Memorial Day.  I do it because I have respect for Memorial day an because it denotes the beginning of Summer. I always have the American flag out year round, but at the end of May I will add some RW&B birdhouses, bunting and things around out home inside. I made a stack of RW&B fabric stars and I just love them. They are so easy and requires very little sewing know how.

Step 1 – Find a template for your stars. You can find all sizes of stars on-line, just do a Google search for “star outlines”.

Step 2 – Cut out your chosen stars from freezer paper. Iron them onto a double layer of cotton muslin shinny side down. Make sure to leave enough space between them to sew and cut out.

Step 3 - Sew around the stars. Do not leave an opening. After you have sewn all the way around the star, remove the freezer paper.

Step 4 – Clip all our corners and then make  small slit in the center of the star with just one layer of fabric. Turn our star to the right side, stuff and stitch shut. Ou will not see the opening when you stack the stars.

Step 5 - Tea dye your stars and hang them out to dry. After they are dry paint one red, one white and one blue. When they are dry sand them with a fine grit sandpaper to give them a tie worn look.

Step 6 – When you are happy with the look of our stars, stack the together. Make sure you place the sewn opening up on the bottom heat and down on the top two hearts. This way you have 3 perfect hearts. After you stack them one on top of the other wrap them a few times with a fine strand of jute string. You can add  a paper tag also.


This looks great on a table or in a cupboard. If you have any questions just give me a shout. Thanks for reading