Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial ---- USB Flash Drive Holder

After going through two computer crashes recently, I decided to add some usb flash drives to my backup programs. I have an external hard drive but these will be a lot easier to use on multiple computers and will be another backup for my important files.

They are very small and would be easy to lose so I decided to make a holder for them.

This was quick and easy to make and only basic sewing skills are needed.

1 piece of fabric 7 1/2 in. long x 4 1/2 in. wide for pocket
2 pieces of fabric 7 1/2 in. long x 6 in. wide
1 piece of cotton batting 7 1/2 in long x 6 in. wide
1 piece of fabric 1 1/4 in. wide x 2 1/2 in. long for tab
1 5/8 in button
Matching thread


Fold the 7 1/2 in x 4 1/2 in  pocket fabric in half and press.  Topstitch across the folded edge.

Lay the batting down first,  add a piece of the larger fabric on top with the right side up.   Place the pocket you just made on top even with the bottom edge.   Stitch down both sides of the pocket and across the bottom.

Evenly divide the pocket into four sections to hold four usb drives.   Mark the three lines to sew.   Stitch your divider lines.

Take the small tab piece and fold it in half lengthwise and press.

Open it out and fold each end in to meet the pressed line.  Then fold in half again and stitch down the edge.
Fold the tab in half and pin to the top of the piece centering it in the middle.  Stitch across.

Now take the last piece of fabric and layer it on top of this piece,  right sides together.    Pin leaving a 2 in. opening for turning.    Stitch in a 1/8 inch seam all around leaving the 2 inch section open.

Turn right side out.  Pin the opening closed.  Press your piece.   Stitch along the edge all around the holder.  Add your button to the center of the bottom and you are done.