Monday, December 12, 2011

Organizing - Holiday Gift Wrapping

When it comes to holiday gift wrapping, it's a good idea to have a plan before you begin. There are many ways to go about your wrapping but today I'm sharing how I do mine.

I do all my wrapping at once if I can. I start by separating the gifts by size. Larger ones, in one area, medium and smaller ones in other areas.

Then, I gather all my supplies; scissors, tape, wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, tags and a couple of ink pens, don't forget to grab a trash bag for easy clean-up.

I like to work in the middle of my living room floor, I always vacuum first, then I put on some Christmas music or a movie and wrap away. If you don't like sitting on the floor, your dining table would work just as well.

Since most of my wrapping is for my kids' gifts, to save some time I write out several tags for each child first, it makes it easy to attach to the present and also helps so you don't forget who it's for.

I start wrapping the larger packages first and save the scraps of paper that look large enough to wrap the smaller packages and place them all in one pile, then continue on to the smaller gifts.

When I am all finished wrapping, I place the wrapped gifts in three different bags or boxes (one for each child) and hide them away so Santa can find them. If you don't have young children you could place them under your tree or separate them into bags or boxes for places they need to go.... ie. Grandma's house, Aunt Sally's house etc.

If you have some good ideas on how to stay organized while wrapping, please leave us a comment and share it with our readers.

Thanks for joining us!
Deena Davis