Thursday, June 26, 2014

Witches Stitches- Fast and Inexpensive Curtains

Between my gardens and work I have been so busy, so this is a quick and easy tip.

I like the finished look curtains can give a room but I am not always thrilled with the heavy look and the expense involved. I decided I needed some curtains in the living room but just wanted to add a little something without a lot of fuss.  I went to Dollar General and I picked up 3 sheer panels for $4.99, (I have one small window and one larger one in my living room) each. They are 84” long. All I did to hang them was to hammer in a nail on each side of the window frame. I then strung my curtain on a piece of twine.  Made a loop at each end and hung them on the nails. I then put another nail about half way down the window frame and pulled back the curtain with another piece of twine. I used twine because my living room is primitive. If you have a cottage chic room or something a little more formal you can do the same thing and instead of twine you can use a pretty ribbon. I used tan, but sheers come in all kinds of wonderful colors. You can even use two different colors on one window. Use your imagination and have fun.

So that is my curtains on the cheap. All it took for my living room was 6 nails, some twine and 3 curtain panels. So for $15 I have curtains that finish the room and I did not break the bank. Have a great evening, Faith