Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: That 70's Bowl

Summer is when outdoor spaces come to leafy life with vibrant floral accents.  But shopping for all those fab showy planters can leave one feeling a bit withered in the purse. A can of spray paint and a vintage metal basket can turn drab into fab!
 The 1970's are still in that no man's land of not-quite-cool-yet-vintage. If there isn't an outdated metal basket in the attic, pieces can be scored for pennies at yard sales and thrift stores.  This iron-work fruit basket is sturdy and the curly swirlies make it a no-brainer for conversion to a hanging basket.
All you will need:
vintage iron work basket (or modern wire basket)
spray paint
moss mat
4 pieces of twine
S hook
assorted plants
Spray paint wire basket in a well ventilated work-space, or outside. This particular project needed 2 coats due to the metal curls.
 Cut mat to fit inside basket.
Pour in a base layer of potting soil.
Tightly pack in flowers and apply a light top coat of soil. 
I went with sweet potato vine and basil.
Attach strands of twine at 4- 5 equidistant points on the basket.  Pull strings tightly to center and knot approximately 6 inches above top edges of basket.
Because this basket has a pedestal base, I can't resist hanging a few vintage lamp crystals (left over from last week's project) to catch the sunlight.
Using an S hook, hang plant in a sunny location and enjoy!
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck



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