Friday, September 24, 2010

Trash to Treasure --- Makeovers

Trash to treasure can be as simple as repainting or refurbishing a chair, lamp, table,  etc.    But today I want to share some unique makeovers.  

Would you recognize these from what they started out as?

I think this first one could have started life as a bed headboard.

And here is the transformation.   Directions found at Faith's Place.

Here is a doll cradle that can be found at Junk Blossoms.

Transformed into a shelf.

This was a gun cabinet in it's former life.

But look at this beautiful pantry transformation by Pepper Towne.

And finally these two doors at the hands of Brendan Carpenter

became this beautiful trunk.

I hope today's post sparked some creativity in you.   If you have a makeover you would like to share with our readers,  please email me at


  1. Wow, that trunk made from the doors is most incredible! I turn #6 plastic into earrings

  2. Great makeovers and really creative use of junk.
    That gun cabinet is a total change, would never think something that ugly could be beautiful, lol.


  3. Wow, I'm very impressed with those makeovers! I especially love the bed/headboard to sewing room organizer and the gun cabinet to pantry - amazing transformations!