Friday, September 3, 2010

Trash to Treasure --- Lamps

Today I thought I would show some lamp transformations.     You can pretty much transform a lamp base just by painting it.

This brass chandelier

was transformed into this updated beauty at Trash to Treasure Decorating Blog.

And this lamp shade was given a new life with fabric and trim at Creations From My Heart.


And this pretty shade was decorated with flowers on the 1 talented family blog

You can also make a lamp out of found items like this bowl and tea pots.

You can also use parts of lamps for other things.    These vintage glass lampshades can be found all over the place.   Here they are used for votive holders on this dining table.

And finally here is a relatively new use for vintage lamp globes.  Outdoor solar lights.

Learn how to make a similar lamp on the The Hand Me Down House blog.

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Bette Shaw


  1. Well I'll be boiled in oil. How about those solar lights made with vintage globes. I like it! Great post gals:)

  2. Lots of wonderful and beautiful new items from things we might have trashed. It is amazing to see how people can take ugly and turn it into something beautiful and functional.


  3. Love the idea of solar lights from vintage globes!!!!

  4. Great ideas, I love the globes that are used as votive holders.