Friday, July 16, 2010

Trash to Treasure --- Door and Door Knobs

I would like to share some ideas for using old door and door knobs with you this week.    I love this idea.   The door is sideways and a shelf has been added.   The door knob is still attached and can be used to hang things on.

Here is a smaller door made into a blackboard shopping list.   Really cute!

Here is a combination of a small door with a door knob in the middle.    There is a glass piece behind the door knob.   You might find this as part of an old lamp as it needs to have a hole in the middle.   Hooks were added to the bottom of the door so you can hang keys,  etc.

I really love how they used the glass doorknob as a tie back here.   Beautiful!

I had never seen these before.   They are using old doorknobs to make bottle stoppers.

And finally,   this is one of my favorite uses for old doorknobs.  

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Bette Shaw


  1. Aha! Right up my alley:) Thanks gals!

  2. I love the green door and the tie back and the bottle corks. What amazing ideas! I don't know how you come up with such creative things! Thanks a bunch for sharing.

  3. Hello, I love the door knob wine stoppers. What size wine corks did you use and how did you attach them?

    1. Hi Shane,

      I found this site that gives instructions and materials to create a cabinet knob stopper.

      I would think that all corks are fairly equal in size. The difference may be in the length of the screw for the door knob.

      Thanks for stopping by the By Your Hands blog today!