Monday, July 5, 2010

Coupon Organization

Living in today's tough economic environment, we all need to find ways to cut corners to save money. One way to do that, that seems to be getting more and more popular is clipping coupons.

Once you have all those coupons clipped out, how do you keep them organized? That's a question I ask all the time. It seems like whenever I have coupons, I always forget where I put them and can't seem to find them in the check-out line.

I found some great ideas at You'll find all kinds of ideas there, including one for using and alphabetized index file.

Another idea I ran across at was a sewing tutorial for a coupon clutch. This is really cute and looks easy to make.

Lisa at has a neat free pattern for a Coupon organizer, too. It looks like it would be really handy with the dividers for different categories.

I also found instructions for this Build-It-Yourself Coupon Organizer at using a three ring binder and clear page protectors. I think that would be a quick way to see what you have at a glance.

Money saving Mom has a good idea using a plastic storage box. Check it out.

This has given me some ideas to get started, maybe some of them will help you too.

Thanks for joining us.
Deena Davis


  1. Here is another excellent coupon organizer. The best part is they sell the pattern to make your own binder/coupon clutch for a minimal cost. Then you can just order the organizing things to go inside the binder once you make it. I bought the pattern and it looks very easy.

  2. Thanks for the link Vicki. That's really cute.

  3. You're welcome. I was drooling over how pretty all theirs were that were for sale. Then I saw I could buy my own pattern and was super excited.

    I remembered too that I had another coupon clutch saved that Julie from Jaybird Quilts had done for the Moda Bakeshop. This link give a great tutorial to make the coupon clutch and also a great PDF file for the dividers.

    Can you tell I collect coupons? LOL And NEED to organize them?