Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Needles-n-Pins Stitcheries: Picnic Recipes

Last week we got all our supplies for our picnic so now we need to get the food ready so this week I thought I would share picnic recipe with you and when I thought about a good place to get recipes for this I thought of.......yep, your right.......Pinterest!

So here are a few recipes for your picnic.....

First, what is one of the most eaten foods at a picnic....chicken! And this Crispy Picnic Chicken from Taste Of Home looks pretty simple to make and I am all about easy and simple. :)

From Taste Of Home

Next of course you need to have potato salad and Mother Thyme has this great recipe. I have a good potato salad recipe also and I will be sharing that with you in the next few weeks so stay tuned. In the meantime you can check this recipe out. 

And of course we need to have something to wash down all this food so how about strawberry lemonade from The Frugal Girls. This will hit the spot. :)

Now we need to top the picnic off with dessert and the number one dessert at a picnic is of course.............watermelon! Look at this great idea of how to serve watermelon. The kids would get a kick out of doing this! 

Now if you want to do a little something special with your picnic for the kids how about this idea I found at Hotel F&B. What a neat idea! Now if I had a beach to go to and the grandkids around maybe we could do this, but up north here picnicking on the beach is not an option as it is wayyyyyyyyyyy to cold even in the summer. :)

So since July is only half over there is still plenty of time to do picnics so get those picnic baskets out and filled with food and head out to wherever you want to go to have a picnic.

Happy Eating!

Colleen :)

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