Monday, October 14, 2013

Jacquie's Up-Cycle Nation: Autumn Nights

 Autumn has arrived and chilly nights are a welcome change!
 Relaxation is top priority for fall nights.  These Etsy up-cyclers offer goods perfect for cozy evenings by the fire. 
  Simon Says Signs creates wall art using reclaimed wood.  No mass production here.  Simon Says hand letters every sign to set the right tone.
WormeWoole makes fabulous winter accessories from cast off sweaters.  These must-have hand warmers come in many colors and shapes.  This shop also makes the dreamiest up-cycled wool mittens!
Keep your toes warm and stylish in up-cycled wool slippers by
Linkaa.  From simple neutrals to bright festive colors, this shop has every foot covered!
Autumn nights are made for up-cycled woolen blankets.  Splurge on a gorgeous throw in eye-catching patterns like Candy Apples by Felt Sassy. 
Journals make excellent fireside company.  Green Bird Press hand binds books using traditional techniques and recycled leather .  Rustic artsy cool!
The easiest way to up-cycle is to shop vintage.  Not only do we reduce our carbon footprint by reusing the past, but shopping vintage also adds visual interest and quirky fun to any décor.  This mug from Catnutti's Classics is just the right size for hot cocoa.  Shop this kitschy store for all things vintage kitchen. 
Search up-cycle or re-cycle on Etsy to find more autumn eco-friendly goods.
Jacquie Wheeler
Hand of Bela Peck

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  1. I have 2 older sisters so I have been "upcycling" since I was kid. My first store bought dress (that I remember) was when I was in the 7th grade. I have to admit that when I was a kid the idea of hand me downs wasn't something I was "into". But now that I am (more than) grown I enjoy hunting for the "old time" treasures (many of which makes ME feel vintage) but which many times I actually KNOW the heritage!. But other items (like the mug above) give me the opportunity to research and learn more about the interesting history involved in the pieces. I admire those (above) who can use their hands to produce lovely goods. I always loved getting those once a year Christmas knitted booties from my Nonna (grandma) when I was a kid and which would completely wear out before the next years gift. Thank you for including my item in your blog. Please come by anytime and have a look. I try to get new items listed as often as I can.