Monday, March 25, 2013

Raised Bed Gardening

Do you grow a garden?   It is time to start planting again if you do.

Our soil is terrible so we plant in containers.   This year we are going to try planting in raised beds.

The problem with that is if you build them from wood it can get very expensive.  

Here are some less expensive ideas we are going to try this year because we happen to have some of the components.

This is great for potatoes.   Just make a wire cage, line it with straw and add soil to the middle.   

Plant your garden in straw bales.   Even if you have to buy the straw bale it is very inexpensive. 

I like this idea because I think it would last longer being made from metal.   We happen to have some aluminum siding from a shed that blew down.    You only need wood for the frame so not as expensive as an all wood bed.  

This last idea is great if you happen to have rail road ties lying around.   It would be a very quick to put together raised bed.  

Happy planting!


  1. These are awesome ideas. Thank you.

  2. Great idea only wish I could have gardens like this in the north country. Most all of ours are in greenhouses...too cold. Thanks for sharing though. :)