Monday, May 7, 2012

Organizing ---- Craft Room Feature, Mona Rae Originals

We crafters like nothing more than to sneak a peak into other crafter's work rooms so I have a treat for you today.
You may find some neat ways to store your craft supplies in this new mini-series.

 I am featuring the craft room of Mona Rae. Here is an intro from Mona.

 Hi, my name is Mona Rae of Mona Rae Originals, I have been creating my work for over 30 years now. I design dolls through dreams and create quilts from a pile of fabric. Traveling to around 20 Art/Craft Shows a year selling on Facebook and Etsy and Website, the need for bolts of fabric are necessary, at last count it is now close to 1,000 bolts.
 I use only Moda Fabric which is top of the line quilting fabric. I have found that I can shake out a doll that has been in a container for a month or two and the wrinkles vanish. I constantly listen to my customers for the colors they like and want in their rooms. My Studio is my happy place where I can dance with fabric and create from my heart.
 My mission has always been to have my creations in as many homes as possible, each one has a story behind it, so when I look down from Heaven I can continue watching the story.
 Mona Rae

 And now a peak into Mona's studio.

She gets my vote for having the most fabric!

Her supply cabinet.

Her sewing station.

One of Mona's beautiful quilts.

You can find Mona online at: 

 Thanks,  Mona,  for sharing your beautiful room with us.


  1. that is beautiful! wow wee to have that much room! & yea I believe she wins the most fabric award!

  2. Mona has a fabulous space and so organized!
    Pretty and it is like a fabric store for sure!

  3. Such an inspirational room to get creative in! Love her wall of fabric!!!


  4. Thank You for featuring my Studio on your blog, what an honor. Mona Rae