Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial ---- Halloween Costumes

I am seeeing a lot of Halloween things around the internet so I thought I would share some cute costumes you can make. No excuses cause you have plenty of time to get them done.

This cute bat costume can be found on The Lazy Homesteader.

Easy spider costume tutorial on >Crafts Kaboose.

This is a no-sew Popcorn Box costume from >Amazing Moms.

And finally,  a Super Hero Cape how to on >Georgia Leigh.       This can be used for any super hero.


  1. Oh those are so cool and cute! That's one of the things about Halloween I love is seeing the younguns in their costumes. Mine are all grown up now, but we used to make theirs and dress them all proper. It was fun!
    These all look nice and simple to make too.

  2. Cute costumes. I have to wear one to a function in October...I'm thinking of a black cat or maybe a pirate...shouldn't be too much to doing either one.
    Mama Bear

  3. Thanks for the link - Would you mind fixing the name of my blog? ;) It really is Lazy, not lacy - he he!