Monday, May 9, 2011

Get Organized: Bye, Bye Drop Zone!

Please welcome our guest blogger Carmen Coker of she'll be telling us how to gain control of our 'drop zones' today....

Every home has a drop zone (or 2, 3, or more). It's a place where stuff tends to get "dropped"without so much as a second thought. And this happens so often that a small pile of things becomes a huge pile in a short period of time.

Sound familiar? Uh-huh.

As you read this, your home's drop zones will immediately spring to mind...
- The front door area

- The kitchen counter

- The dining table

- The coffee table

- The bedroom floor

- The top of the desk

- The desk drawer

- The book shelf

- The file box

- The chair

And if drop zones have already invaded your home, they likely have invaded other spaces as well, like your vehicle.

- The glove box

- The passenger seat

- The back seat

- The trunk

With a drop zone, it's easy to let the clutter multiply because it's an old habit - and old habits die hard. It's easy to ignore your the clutter because it's been there for so long. It's easy to justify leaving the clutter "as is" because it's the effortless way out.

BUT - have you ever heard the saying, "If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you've always got"? In other words, if the status quo is "bombs away" in your drop zone and you continue as'll never get rid of the clutter! 

So I challenge you to go against the flow by organizing a drop zone in your home today.Ready, set, organize!

Carmen Coker is a professional organizer who helps individuals find the motivation and know-how to get organized and stay organized. To learn how to save money, create more space, and manage your time through organization, claim your "FREE Tip Kit: 10+ Pages of Tips and Tools to Help You Get Organized — Finally!" at

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  1. Yep my kitchen table..I get a big basket and just throw everything in there. If it ain't on the table I say go look in the basket. Yep the basket gets full sometimes then its time for a clear out and throw away.