Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today's Featured Business ---- Online Business Junction

Today's featured business owner is Tina  from Online Business Junction. 

What inspired you to go into this business?
I have several online businesses and blogs. Online Business Junction is my business resource site, which I created in order to help other online business owners.

It's full of lots of helpful tips, resources, and information on running  an online business.

I also have two country primitive marketplaces, Crows Creek Crossing and Primitive Square, which are advertising venues for country primitive business owners. 

I have an art blog, Art Chick Studio, which is where I post all of my art and craft creations; I also have a personal blog, Tinalicious, which is where I indulge my love of writing. And I just started another blog, Tattered Sisters Primitives, where I am sharing my love of all things country and prim.

When did you start your business?

I began in business online back in 2006. All of my online ventures have begun since that time.

Do you have plans for growth?

My plans for growth essentially revolve around continuing to do the things that make me happy and that I have a passion for...whether it's creating art in various forms (painting, photography, graphic design, stained glass, altered art, etc), crafting country primitive goodies, writing, or adding to my business resource site in hopes of continuing to help others reach their goals for business success online.

I find that as long as I focus on the things that make me happy, those things flourish and grow as I'd like for them to.

Do you have set hours that you work since you are a WAHM business owner?

I don't really work set hours, per se. I actually take care of my baby granddaughter 4 days per week, 9 hours per day. So on those days, my work  can only be done after she's gone home and after I've taken care of dinner for the Hubs and myself. Much of my work ends up being done in the evening and on weekends. I squeeze in what I can, whenever I can.

What do you like most about your work?

No matter what online business I'm working on at a given time, what I like  most is the ability to be creative in everything that I do, and to help others whenever I can. Those are the things that feed my soul, inspire me, and motivate me to keep going.

What would you like everyone to know about your business?

For anyone wanting lots of good information about running an online business, I hope they know that I have tons of great resources and information on my business site.

If they want to advertise a country or prim business, hopefully they'll look into my marketplaces.
And if they're interested in checking out my art, writing, or country and primitive crafts, I hope they'll check out any of my blogs. My business site, art blog, writing blog, and country and prim blog are all on Facebook so they can be followed that way. 
They can also follow using Google Friend Connect, or they can subscribe to any of my blogs via RSS feeds or via email--so there are lots of ways to get the information I share.

You can find Tina online,  here:


  1. Good Morning,
    You do such a nice job featuring on-line artists. Thank you for sharing the links.

    Have a thoughtful Thursday ~Natalie

  2. That's so nice of Tina to share her knowledge with others. She makes some pretties that catch my eye too:) Thanks gals!
    Happy New Year!