Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time Saver Recipes -- Pressure Cooking

Today I thought I would share a new kitchen tool I recently purchased.    It is a digital pressure cooker.

I have always been afraid to use one because I have heard tales of them exploding.  lol   But after seeing this one demonstrated on the Home Shopping Network I decided to give it a try.  
Mostly I was looking for a way to cook beans without it taking all day.    To my surprise the electric pressure cookers are very easy to use.
And my first trial,   I cooked one cup of dry beans in two cups of water.   And in 6 minutes I had 3 cups of beans perfectly cooked!
Next I decided to try making stew.  
I browned some stew meat.   Tossed it in the inner pot with onions, potatoes, frozen carrots and peas,  some chicken broth (I was out of beef broth), 2 cups of water and seasonings.    It took 20 minutes to cook.    The meat comes out so tender it practically melts in your mouth and the vegetables are perfectly cooked.

I am totally sold on this time saver tool.   Clean up is very easy,  too.   There are a lot of brands of digital pressure cookers out there and they can be pretty expensive.   I was very lucky to be able to get a Wolfgang Puck refurbished one from  for $40 including shipping.    

I am looking forward to lots of time saving cooking with this fun appliance.


  1. I had one years ago, but this really sounds nice..

  2. Oh wow! I'm always used to seeing the old ones and have heard those scary tales too. This one looks awesome and at a great price. Good for you:) I'll bet you can get one in any color too.

  3. Thanks for the feedback! I"ve always been leery of these too but after doing the all day bean thing recently (my hubby has been on a chili kick!) I am sending him a copy of this for discussion!

    Love the color!


  4. I have one and bought one for each of my daughters. We love it. Watched Wolfgan one day and he said to add 1/2 of as much liquid as the recipe calls for or it seems everything is soup.
    I can make Sunday pot roast in less thaqn a hour. I always start my meat for 20 - 30 minutes let cool and then add veggies for another 20 minutes. It is trial and error but not many errors