Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial --- Snowman Sitter

I have been nursing two sick kitties this past week so instead of a tutorial this week I am offering this free pattern.   Click on the snowman link and it will take you to the free pdf download for the pattern.
Snowman Sitter

Hope you enjoy sewing this up.


  1. Aww, poor kitties. I hope they get better soon. Thanks for the cute pattern Bette:)

  2. Hi Bette!

    Sorry to hear your kitties aren't feeling well, but I hope you are able to get them back to good health real soon.
    Thanks so much for the adorable snowman sitter! ~.~

  3. I hope the little ones are feeling better with your TLC.;)

  4. Oh no. Sick kitties. :( Nothing breaks my heat more than that. What's wrong with them?

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Thanks everyone for the well wishes for my babies. They carry the cat virus and have a had a very bad outbreak of it. Esmeralda is doing very well now and gaining back some weight. Terence who was very ill is finally eating on his own again and I hope will get better.
    Unfortunately, there is no cure but as I learn more about it I hope I can keep them well.
    I found out Lysine builds their immunity to it so all my cats are now on it as they all carry the virus.

  6. I hope your kitties feel better soon.
    Wonderful snowman. I need to make some santas and that is not my thing, but I like to make swap goodies that fit the person's tastes and they love santas, so hoping I can do a nice job on some.


  7. thanks for the pattern and hope your kitties continue to recover....no fun when they get sick..we have 4...did they get shots for the cat virus? ours all did...