Monday, November 8, 2010

Organized Craft Room Photos

Today I'd like to share some craft room photos I found. They are so inspiring. I hope you agree.

Both of the above photos were found at I love all the colors... so bright and cheery.

This one is featured on Don't those big letters on the wall just give you the urge to create something?

This is one of many organized craft room ideas I found at Click the link to see the rest. They're all equally as nice as this one?

Ever wonder what Martha Stewart's craft room looks like? Now's your chance to get a sneak peek.

Above, are a couple pictures of my own craft room ( located in a small room in our basement. Hardly a Martha Stewart room, but it works for me. ;-)

Thanks for joining us, hopefully you'll be inspired by one of the rooms I've shown here.

Join us again when you can!
Deena Davis


  1. Very inspiring spaces! Thanks for sharing!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. I really need to reorganize my room, every time I work on something I make a mess again;)


  3. Great craft rooms! I especially like the first two.

  4. Yes, I like all of them and wish mine were as neat but it works for me so I'll not complain too much...I'm just happy to have a dedicated space.
    Mama Bear