Thursday, October 14, 2010

Welcome To My Studio ---Sew Chic and Unique

Today's featured studio belongs to Mayya of Sew Chick and Unique.   Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Welcome to my sewing room.   This is what you see as you open the door.

Check out this carpet.  I LOVE the heart and it was made for me – bought it from Ikea

Turn to your left and you see my cutting table 

Lets us take a closer look of the cutting table shall we?
The table is actually not a table at all but  2 Ikea Lack bookcases placed on their sides!

above this i have 2 Ikea Lack shelves 

and right next to this is where i keep my fabrics, the bookcase with the glass shelves stores my non craft books
and the plastic drawers i keep my work in progress projects

Then there is a big window in the middle of the room
the same one you were faced with upon entering and to the right of that is the Expedit Bookcase which I LOVE

and on the other side of this is my office :)

I stenciled “Connect to the world” above my workstation 

Back to my workstation for a closer look

next to this another big window and my sewing machine

The L shape Galant ikea table is a great table for sewing on, plenty of space

So here is the before

and the after

I do hope you enjoyed this tour of my creative space

Thank you for stopping by
by mayya


  1. Great room! I love the red and white color scheme. That was a stroke of genius turning the bookcases on their side for your cutting table.

  2. That room looks fantastic! I also love the color scheme and decor! Very organized and tidy! Inspires me to get my little studio room organized, its a mess.

  3. WOW! What an inspiring room to work in! Lucky girl!

  4. Lots of great ideas for storage, always need room for that;)
    Wonderful colors and relaxing atmosphere.


  5. I'm glad you showed the before because when I saw how neat the room was I was thinking, Wow, she sure keeps things confined...not like me with my clutter....It is a beautiful room and I am sure you enjoy spending time creating there...I like that you have designated certain areas for certain tasks...I tried to do that but I'm afraid mine tend to overlap too much.
    Mama Bear

  6. Oh My!! What a wonderful sewing room!!
    So organized and pretty!! I'm jealous!! :)
    These photos make me want to do some work on mine.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Take Care,

  7. oh I love the splash of red and love those curtains and that rug..who knew ikea could get you so looks wonderful!!!